How are we different?

With so many tax relief companies and tax law firms out there it must be extremely frustrating for a consumer to pick the right firm. Just to give you an example of how flooded the market is with tax relief firms all you have to do is log on to Google and type in local tax attorney. Immediately you will see at least 30 firms and companies on the first page. Now the question is whom do you hire? There are a couple factors to look at but first let’s start out with what happens when you actually make the initial phone call.  There are various scenarios that usually happen to potential clients inquiring for service. We know because we’ve encountered them time and time again when clients contact us. They are being put on hold with no or slow response time, not speaking to a licensee, or speaking to an out of state lead generator company storing your information and selling it to each and every company that has probably been calling your number to help you with your tax debt. Below we talk about some of these scenarios in detail.

So you log onto Google and contact the first tax relief firm you see. You make the initial call desperate to have a licensed enrolled agent, CPA, or tax attorney pick up the phone and start listening to your problem and offering advice. But instead what you get is a receptionist picking up the phone and placing you on hold.  They'll ask for your name and number and will have someone contact you. A day goes by and you still receive no response, or better yet after a couple hours you receive a callback from a sales representative. You begin to ask technical tax questions related to your case. Instead, what you get is a very broad explanation on what will be done for you. You are confused because you have more questions. Even worse, the sales representative tells you never have to come visit the office.

Does this sound familiar? It’s very common for large nationwide tax relief firms to have a receptionist and then commission sales staff makes the first contact with you. This can be very frustrating because you have questions that need to be answered right then and now. Instead, what you get is a delay and you never directly talk to the licensee. The other scenario is you call a nationwide firm that is out of state and wants you to pay them to start your case without ever seeing one of your documents because they "know" you qualify.

Now I will explain to you how we are different at Hillhurst Tax Group and what you can expect from our services. If you call us you will have a supporting staff member or a licensee pick up the phone, listen to you tax problem, and immediately start to pre qualify you. After the initial phone call we invite you down to our office for a free consultation with one of our Los Angeles Tax Attorneys or Enrolled Agents. You will never be placed on holds and during the consultation we will determine what plan of action to take. If we need to proceed with further investigation before we take your case, we charge a modest investigation fee after the consultation. Once you retain us, you will know who is working on your case and your file will never be passed around from one person to another. If you email us, we will respond the same day.

We are available for all local clients in the Los Angeles County area and Southern California including Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County. We have the ability to serve clients in all 50 states as well. Now if you are nearby to our office in neighboring cities then please call us for a free consultation. The initial phone call and consultation will be the least pressure case evaluation you have experienced. We inform and recommend. You will leave our office after retaining us and knowing all your options. Not only that, but we educate our clients along the way to help avoid problems in the future.

Call us for a free consultation at 323-486-3314.