A little over two years after having his Offer in Compromise accepted by the IRS, Jim, from Oxnard, CA, checked in with us to let us know how life has been going for him after his IRS & State tax debts were resolved.

"My life could not be going better right now"  said Jim.  "As a self-employed single parent, debt is never something you want to have hanging over your head.  Meeting Jonathan has literally changed my life." 

Jim had his Offer in Compromise accepted for $100 in 2013.  He originally owed over $27,000 for the tax years 2008 and 2009.

Jim also faced a smaller tax debt with the State of California Franchise Tax Board.  We were able to negotiate a payment plan for $100/month.  "My state balance wasn't too much, so paying monthly payments doesn't bother me because I know it'll be completely gone soon.  The feds were my big worry."

Hillhurst Tax Group is proud to have clients willing to call or stop by to let us know how happy they are with our services, even two years after their case has been resolved.

Tax Relief is something every struggling taxpayer needs.  Whether you resolve your tax debt with Offer In Compromise or an Installment Agreement will differ on a case by case basis. We encourage anyone curious about the qualifications of the IRS Fresh Start Initiative Program or any Tax Relief services to call Hillhurst Tax Group for a free consultation.



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