Many tax resolution firms or IRS tax attorneys claim to have the competency to handle out of state tax resolution cases, however, not every firm is fully capable of following through on their promises with out-of-state clients. Tax resolution firms handling out-of-state cases may encounter difficulties when the tax problems involve state tax laws. Tax laws for each state can be widely different. In fact, the California Tax Code alone has over 60,000 rules. Although the Internal Revenue Code, the tax code used by the federal government, is unchanged across all U.S. territories and the District of Columbia, it is not uncommon for a taxpayer to owe money to both the federal and state governments. Finding an IRS tax attorney or Enrolled Agent in your local area may provide you with significantly better service and substantially reduce the time lapse between your initial contact and your tax resolution. Most important, hiring a local IRS tax attorney or Enrolled Agent can provide you with much more reliable service.

By hiring local, you have the opportunity to visit your IRS tax attorney or Enrolled Agent in a face-to-face meeting. This gives you a chance to visit their office, check their credentials, and remain in contact without additional hardship that is often caused by phone calls and mail. Furthermore, many tax firms claim to have IRS tax attorneys on staff, however, they hardly task the attorneys with servicing your account. It is important that you ask whether an actual tax attorney will be working on your case for two chief reasons. The first being that if the firm is requiring you to pay for the services of an IRS tax attorney, they are typically higher than those of an Enrolled Agent and, thus, may be unjustifiably high. Generally, income tax attorneys possess the highest degree of knowledge relating to the tax code. If you believe your case may be an exceptionally complicated one, it is critical that your case is handled appropriately for a timely and painless tax resolution process.

Many tax resolution firms claim that the process should take between 9 and 12 months while only 6 months is needed. Procedures that are required to complete the tax resolution process involve constant communications from the tax relief attorney or Enrolled Agent assigned to your case. Complications due to time zones, weather affecting mail delivery, or lost mail can add several weeks until your case is resolved with the IRS. By hiring a local tax resolution firm, you will bypass communication hiccups and clear your IRS debt much faster.

Settling your tax debt can entail a long and complicated process. For more information on how the Hillhurst Tax Group located right off of Los Feliz and the 5 Freeway can help you resolve your tax problems in only 6 months, email us at or call us to set up a free consultation with our IRS tax attorney or Enrolled Agents at (323) 486-3314.





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