• Expedited Tax Relief w/ Prompt Communication

Within 48-72 hours we will determine the best option needed to solve your tax problem. We then get to work immediately on your case. You won’t have to worry about talking to someone new every month. Our licensed staff that you see will be the ones talking to you and working on your case. If you email or call us we will usually get back to you the same business day.


  • No Empty Promises -- 100% Honesty

If we cannot meet your expectation we will not take your case. We are realistic. If there is little help available for you we will let you know rather than sell you the dream.  The last thing we want at Hillhurst Tax Group are cases that do not qualify for any of our services.


  • Licensed Staff of Tax Attorneys, CPA's, and Enrolled Agents

Only a CPA, enrolled agent, or a tax attorney can represent you before the IRS and State. We have all 3 on staff. We do not employ sales staff that works on commission. All of our supporting staff have a degree in taxation or are currently working to get their enrolled agent license and will have the technical expertise to identify your tax problem.


  • High Success Rate -- We Get Results!

Our success rate in settling tax debt is at 94 percent with over 350 offers in compromises settled by our staff in the last 2 years alone. Our average settlement is 5 percent of the total tax debt.  When it comes to handling audits, we lower our clients tax liability as necessary before pursuing a compromise of the total liabilities that remain.


  • Local Firm Office Consultation

Unlike nationwide firms that encourage you to email and fax endless documents back and forth delaying the process, we encourage all clients to come meet us at our office. You will get more out of the consultation and you will walk away knowing all of your options.  There is no time limit on your consultation and you have our full attention for any and all of your IRS & State tax questions or concerns.


  • Rapport With IRS Agents and Officers

Unlike nationwide firms, our staff has a working relationship with many local IRS Revenue Agents & Revenue Officers. This helps us in audits and collections. When an IRS agent is assigned to an audit and they find out we are representing the client, they know we are serious in resolving the tax issue at hand. Since, we have worked with the same agents multiple times, we know how they will approach an audit. This allows us to expedite the service for an audit and save you the most amount of money.